WinDroid HTC Toolkit Lets You Root, Unlock, and Flash ROMs on Various HTC Devices

Plenty of users nowadays have more than one mobile device. And although we don’t always carry these devices at the same time, it’s nice to be able to pull up one of our older devices to flash and mess around with from time to time. Multifunction toolkits exist for the vast majority of popular devices. However, not everyone wants to hunt down the latest  toolkit for every device.

Luckily, there are various OEM-specific toolkits that perform most needed functions on devices by a particular manufacturer. XDA Senior Member WindyCityRockr created one such toolkit for quite a few HTC devices. This toolkit is able to unlock your bootloader through HTCDev, root your device, flash a ROM or kernel, pull and push files, install and uninstall apps, create and restore backups, collect system logs, sideload ROM updates, relock your bootloader, and more. Currently, the tool supports 12 unique devices (with many more variants), including all versions of the M7 and M8.

While we like to encourage doing things manually at least once as a learning process, users who favor the simplicity of toolkits can get quite a bit out of WindyCityRockr’s offering. You can get started by heading over to the utility thread and giving this toolkit a shot.

Hide Pictures in Android phone

In android phone, for example you don’t want to display pictures that you have received from WhatsApp. so, you have to create a file .nomedia. Android can hide any folder that contain .nomedia file. it hides folder what ever type media that contains.

we can create it also from FILE MANAGER in Android, but it takes time. we can create it also by different applications from Google play store. You can make that file within a seconds with that apps and can hide your pictures/gallery from your phone. But keep in mind that if we connect phone with computer or browse it form file manager all files will be shown. you can also use AppLock. AppLock can lock gallery as well as SMS and other apps.

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