Build Your Own DIY Tattoo Machine From A 3D Printer

Tattoo parlours could be about to go out of business thanks to a group of students, who were able to take a Makerbot Replicator 3D printer and turn it into an automatic computer aided tattoo machine.

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Small World Discovered Beyond Pluto

After a decade of searching, astronomers have found a second dwarf-like planet far beyond Pluto and its Kuiper Belt cousins, that can be consider as small world, a presumed no-man’s land that may turn out to be anything but.

How Sedna, which was discovered in 2003, and its newly found neighbor, designated 2012 VP 2113 by the Minor Planet Center, came to settle in orbits so far from the sun is a mystery.

Sedna comes no closer than about 76 times as far from the sun as Earth, or 76 astronomical units. The most distant leg of its 11,400-year orbit is about 1,000 astronomical units.
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