The first time I saw her,

My true love

The first time I saw her,
my heart turned on fire.
My body was filled,
with lust and desire.
Her eyes pierced my soul,
I fell to the ground.
In my mind I knew,
that my love was bound.
Her eyes was so sparkling,
her touch so divine.
From that moment on
I wished she was mine.

When I’m all alone,
out in the night.
She comes along,
and finds the light.
When I am sad,
and life’s no fun.
She will be there
to be my sun.
In every moment,
of my life.
I always wish,
she was my wife.

After this is said,
you maybe know.
That this special lady,
is my true love.


My First True Love!

My First True Love!

When we first were truly acquainted,
I nearly fainted.
You were everything I was looking for,
and even more.

A couple months later you asked me out,
I gratefully accepted without a doubt.
Now you mean the world to me,
I know we are meant to be.

I think about you day and night,
Never wanting you to leave my sight.
The first time we kissed…
Oh what wonderful bliss!

I love you more than I can ever express,
Your my first love that I confess.
I will always remember the way we held hands,
The way you never gave me any demands.

Your an angel that God sent to me,
If only we could forever be.
I don’t ever want our relationship to be through.
Hopefully we never have to say a final “I love you”

When I first met you

True Love

When I first met you
I felt something was different
I knew you felt it too
But I didn?t know how to handle it
It was something my heart, never knew
So I couldn?t accept it

As time went by
I went along with it, but at the same time
I felt like I could fly
It was such a mystery to me
But I didn?t care
I knew eventually that I would see

Now for the first time ever
You had opened my heart
Something no one else could do, and I mean never
It was such a wonderful start
To a path I never wanted to part
Wow, I thought, I want this forever

We were two wholes combined
The last link in a chained circle
To a complete happiness together
It seemed as though our souls had rhymed
It was simply the best
I couldn?t have imagined anything better

Although there were times when we would fight
It would always work out for the better
Because we were just so tight
Nothing could stop us, not distance or time
It was as though we were invincible
And I wanted your heart to always be mine

Our love was too true for each other
Even if we would split up
The love would always remain forever
I know they say what?s meant to be, will be
But in my heart, I know you are the only one for me
You are my soul mate, my friend, and my lover

I love you, and I always will.

In quest of love

In quest of love

I slide along the edge of the stream,
Crossing the narrow road leading to it,
Search in the depth of the fussed ocean,
To find the portion reserved for me!

I wander throughout the universe,
Tracking the silvery, sparkled stars.
Conspicuously, I’ve was so exhausted,
My naive heart chose not to surrender!

I interrogate the reflective cloud,
It points me to the house of obscurity,
I hasten to go to the peaceful spot,
There was not even the shadow of it!

I had even walked out of boundaries,
To know whether which direction it took,
I crapped out and fell on the wrong road.
However, I was hopeful and undismayed!

Lastly, a quiescent mind appealing me,
Thus, my heart plunges under the ocean,
To strike the accuracy of the true love.
Meanwhile, I hope that it will discern it!

Open my heart

Open my heart

Open my heart,
seeing that you already have the key,
Open my heart to meet with the pleasure of your life,
Open my heart,
So far you will find your heart desire,
Open my heart to come accross your life wonders,
Open my heart,
To determine that it was for good,
Open my heart,
To get to know utterly its aspiration,
Open my heart,
In order to find what i devoted for you,
Open my heart,
That’s the only way to verify the truth,
Open my heart,
To find no difficulty to trust me,
Open my heart,
This where resides the true love,
Open my heart,
I’m so exhausted to give evidence of love,
Open my heart,
I can’t resist no more, even for a second,
Open my heart.
and that would be a passionate triumph!

always and forever

always and forever

I just want you to know
I will always be there for you
Know matter how far you go
You can travel by the sea
You can travel in the air
By camel across the desert
I will always be there
Your knowledge astounds me
I’m desperate to learn
Take me to your place
This time its your turn
I will support your dreams and wishes
Help them to come true
I would walk along broken glass
Just to be with you
You are the sun in the sky
A fish in the sea
A song bird singing
A big part of me
I want you to know that i love you
You will forever be in my heart
You bless my live with so much pleasure
Without you I’d fall apart
P.s caitlin all about u u and me always and forever no matter what ……

why (for the one you love)

why (for the one you love)

The question is why….
you to your self why did i not do that….
or sometimes why did i do that….
sometimes that you don’t do it will help…
sometimes it will hurt the person you love