Samsung’s new Smart Watch will provide the ability to Call

xl samsung galaxy gear phone to call in Samsung's new Smart Watch will be provided

Smart Watch about all the friends you would know, since all the major electronics companies now smart phones are prepared Smart Watch. For now, Google Smart Watch separately Android version has also been introduced. But still something is missing in these watches.

Yes, even as it watches are smart, they will need to have a mobile phone and you can not use a phone for calls. Korea Herald Samsung according to a report by the ” gear solo “name Watch plans to introduce a smart phone, which will include all features.You are using the SIM card calls and SMS can not have the same phone to be connected.

It is very interesting that Samsung here in 2009 a “watch phone” which was presented to both the clock and the phone was Featured. This 1.76 inch wide touch screen was used. The 40 mega byte memory clock, and it had the ability to receive voice commands. However, it will not popularity as smart uacz. still a preparation Samsung Watch Phone is indicated, however, introduce the gear solo Smart Watch a full operating system, eg Android, or be equipped with Tizen.
20090721 01M to call in Samsung's new Smart Watch will be provided

This watch is believed that initially only be sold in South Korea will be presented and compared with traditional smart watch cost would be too high.


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