Flappy Bird: The Philosophy of Life and How to Get a High Score.

Flappy Bird Start Screen

Flappy Bird Start Screen

Flappy Bird and The Philosophy of Life (My opinion)

I started playing flappy bird just recently, in fact I downloaded the game a day before it got taken down by its creator.  I know there are a lot of rumors out there regarding why it was taken down, all the way from the owners getting sued by Nintendo to the owners getting sued by a player’s family because he died from high pressure or a heart attack.  Whatever the reason is, I am sad because the fact of the matter is I love the game, it has not only enhanced my concentration, but it has increased my foresight and perception.  “No, I am not on drugs…. Believe me”  :-P

First of all you have to have nerves of steel, a go get em attitude, and eternal patience. I reached a score of about 84 in 4 days, I stopped playing because my sneaky friend asked me to stop wasting time otherwise I probably would have been well over a score  of 100 by now ;-)

But to tell you the truth prior to flappy bird I didn’t have nerves of steel, nor did I have eternal patience, but the game itself is so addictive I couldn’t stop myself.  Eventually I said I’m not going to stop so might as well get in to a competition with me, and I would try to outdo my score every time.  Guess what eventually my cousin joined in and some other friends and it added to the whole experience of not giving up and staying ahead of everyone else.  While playing flappy bird there are three points I picked up; first be in competition with yourself make sure you beat your own score, and second change your perception, I started taking those damned pipes as opportunities rather than obstacles,  opportunities to further my score, and third take it one game at a time, don’t think it’s an endless enigma.

If we look at it playing flappy bird is like going through our life day after day; we should take each day as it comes and not think too much about the future because we’ll miss out on the “Present”. The only person we need to be in competition with is our self; we should better ourselves, instead of always running behind or after others.  And last but not least we should take obstacles and challenges in our lives as opportunities, changing our perception can lead to amazing results; obstacles can be thought of as a way to learn new skills, and challenges as a way to better ourselves. 

Flappy Bird Score after 4 days.

Flappy Bird Score after 4 days.

Flappybird: How to Get A High Score:

Ok here are the things that prevent a person from getting a high score on flappybird, the never ending pipes that the poor bird (and player :P)  has to cross and the score itself.  First of all, the pipes; I figure people who are into boxing or basketball will have a better chance of scoring high. Now you’re probably wondering what basketball has to do with flappy bird, well it has everything to do with it. In order to start off you need to setup a rhythm for yourself a rhythm of tapping the screen to keep the bird in the air. The same thing is required of a boxer he keeps a certain rhythm of his movements and basketball players keep a rhythm of dribbling.  Once you finally got your rhythm set, which usually takes anywhere from 50 to a 100 successive games, you can set your target for high scores. This is also the part after setting your rhythm that you start perceiving the pipes as opportunities rather than obstacles.

Second part to scoring high on flappybird, don’t focus on the score, it’s really difficult initially, but it’s not impossible.  One way to work yourself out of It, is to mute the volume when you play the game, believe me it will do wonders for your game play and concentration. If you haven’t done so already while playing it, you should, and you’ll thank me for this later on.  One more thing which I asked around, because I was thinking I was the only one facing this problem. This is the part where nerves of steel are required, and that is whenever you get to near your previous score you’ll get anxious, and probably even get palpitations.  If you can calm yourself down during this stage you will beat your score, and the best way is to take a couple of deep breaths, and focus on the bird :-)

I have told you all my thoughts & secrets regarding flappybird and I know they work because my sly friend followed them and after telling me to stop playing has beaten my score. Hope you all the best with your high score hunt,  and unfortunately I can only say this to the people who have flappy bird installed.


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