Free Drag and Drop Page Builder Plugins

Time now for the free solutions that enable routine WordPress users to add the power of custom made pages in their WordPress websites.

Page Layout Builder

Page Layout Builder
You can directly use more than 3000+ widgets from to place anywhere inside your page content. No longer need to hang with build in sidebars with theme. We also developing all necessary modules like sliders, galleries, images, drop-down menu, progress bar, timeline, testimonials, message box, warning box, notification box, loop for custom post type, post loop with various templates, sub-pages, heading, regular HTML and many more to build a eye catching page layout or a complete theme just from a blank canvas within few minutes even without knowing or writing a single HTML code.
Page Layout Builder

Aqua Page Builder

Agua Page Builder
Aqua Page Builder is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to create an unlimited number of template variations for use in your WordPress themes. It follows the same user interface used by the Menus & Widgets admin pages – making you feel right at home with the UI.
Agua Page Builder

Page Builder by Site Origin

Page Builder by SiteOrigin
Page Builder (previously called Panels) completes the transition by giving you a way to create responsive column layouts using the widgets you know and love.

WYSIWYG 3D Drag And Drop Visual Editor

3D Page Builder
Plug & Edit HTML Editor is based on a 3D page building design with height, width and depth options, standard online HTML editors are only based on 2D page editing design with height and width available. Here’s the Demo.
3D Page Builder
That’s it for today guys. I’m sure I’d have missed something, so if you know any other plugins or any other kind of page builder solutions, please share them in the comments section.

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