[Tutorial] Backup & Unbrick Micromax A68 & Qmobile Noir A6

Keeping a backup of current working condition of your Android phone is always a must if you play around with your phone
The ROM backup that you will obtain can be flashed any time using SP Flash Tool and your phone will be restored to the condition in which it was when you dumped the ROM. Since rooting is must before dumping ROM, if you flash it again you will still have root.
Please note that you need root permissions to perform the dumping procedure. So don’t try it if your phone is not rooted! Also make sure you have enough space on SD Card as this will store the backup to “backup_v2″ folder on SD card.

Steps to Backup ROM

  • Download this file and extract. You will get a folder “gscript”. In that you will find another folder “bin“, and two files: “back_mt6575_a4_v2d.sh” and “GScriptLite.apk”
  • Open GSript Lite.
  • Go to options and select “Add script”
  • Tick on “Needs SU”..and Press “Load file”
  • Select Your Scrtipt file and press “add”.
  • Then You will see your script file at bottom just tap on it.
  • Process of Back up will start Do not press any key until the progress ends.

    Now Your backup is completed and should be saved to /mnt/sdcard2/backup_v2.
    This Backup can be restored by two methods
    1. CWM recovery
    2. SP flashtools.

    How to Restore VIA CWM Recovery.

CWM recovery for Micromax A68 and Qmobile noir A6 is already posted by me. Download it from this link

  1. Turn off your phone and start it in recovery mode by pressing volume UP + volume down + power button.
  2. Choose wipe data/factory reset
  3. Go to advanced -> wipe dalvik cache.
  4. Go back again. -> mounts and storage -> format /system
  5. Go back to main menu -> backup and restore -> advanced restore -> restore /system. Choose the folder “BDRS-2013-xx-xx”
  6. Select system image and Confirm it.

Restart the phone. You should have a working and stable Phone
For Hard Bricked Phones
What’s needed:

  1. USB data cable
  2. MediaTek USB VCOM drivers
  3. SP Flash Tool Download ( Latest version SP_Flash_Tool_v3.1224.01)

First of all, make sure that you have MediaTek DA USB VCOM drivers installed.

Flashing only part of the ROM
In case you want to flash just one part of the ROM, that is also possible. In the shown example, only recovery image will be flashed.
Deselect all parts except the one(s) you want to flash and then press F9 (or hit Download button).

  • The tool will immediately show a warning because not all parts are selected, but you should continue anyway. Safely press Yes to continue.

  • The download of the chosen partition image will start and after the yellow bar is complete, the popup with the green circle should appear.

Please note that, even though it isn’t mandatory to select it on the list of images to flash,
preloader file must be present in the same folder as the other partition(s) that you want to flash, or else phone will not be able to enter into download mode
Attention: Please follow the instructions carefully. I will not take any responsibility on whatever may happen with your phone.

Very important warning:
 Always make sure that you trust the sources of the ROM you download and know that it is meant for your phone.
After flashing a wrong preloader, your phone will be completely dead (can’t be powered on, it will not charge and won’t be detected anymore by the computer) and there is no way to recover it.

Here are the files from Qmobile Noir A6 :


Downlod Dump Files :

Download Link 1

Download Link 2

Mediafire Link


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