[Script] [All ROMS] Suvi Booster Script V4.0 Boost Your Android

What is this script?
This is a init.d script which will manage CPU frequencies, governors, IO scheduler, etc. based on the phone state.
Well, this is not a big thing. I can do it easily. What different specialty this script has?
Its not a big thing to set the frequency and governor but if you do it, it will eat your battery a lot. Running your CPU at full speed and both cores active is gonna take battery down very fast. So I thought that what if the settings are applied ONLY WHEN phone is active. When phone is sleeping, go back to default power saving settings. So we will have performance when needed with good battery backup. So I decided to write a init.d script which will manage this.

But, let me declare this – This script is aimed to improve performance. Expect little more battery drain than normal. If you want performance, you have to bear this. Also properly setting governors and frequencies you can minimize the battery impact.


  • init.d script, no need any app
  • Sets CPU governor and freques depending on phone state – awake or sleeping
  • High performance when you need the phone
  • Battery saver when phone is not in use
  • Configurable settings – choose your favourite configuration with few simple steps
  • Sets ADJ and MINFREE parameters to get good RAM
  • Supports multiple profiles – like setcpu (coming soon)
  • Aroma installer to choose your suitable configuration.(coming soon)

Will this work only on 4.2.2 or other ROMS as well
It will work on any ROM with proper kernel. In fact this can work on any device 

Hmm. Ok how to change to my favorite configurations?
This script is configurable to suit your needs without writing single line of ‘code’. There is a configuration file -> 

/data/SuviBoosterScript/SuviBoosterConfig.sh (for V2.1 nad above)

/system/etc/SuviBoosterConfig (for V2 and below)
Here you can define your favorite governors for each core, scheduler, frequencies when phone is active and sleeping (yes different frequencies can be set), ADJ and MINFREE parameters, read_ahead_kb value, and some other script specific configurations. Open the file you will get it.

Where to downloads?
Your are not allowed to download unless you click on thanks. Attached here 

Any pre-requirements?
Yes. You should be running on a kernel which supports the configurations.
init.d support
Recommended to remove any other script from init.d that manages CPU 

How do I know whether the script is applied and working?
run the command on adb shell or terminal emulator to read and monitor log file ->

tail -f /data/SuviBoosterScript/SuviBooster.log (for V2.1 and above)

/data/SuviA110Booster.log (for V2 and below)

The command output should change as you awake or sleep the phone.

Original Work : bsuhas From XDA Forums
Original Thread : Here 


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