[ROM][4.4.2][Samsung Galaxy S II] Beanstalk I9100 Unofficial

[ROM][4.4.2][Samsung Galaxy S II] Beanstalk I9100 Unofficial


  • CM based
    Lockscreen background options (Color fill, Custom image, Transparent)
    Customizable Lockscreen text color
    Lockscreen rotation
    Option to enable all widgets
    Minimize lockscreen challange
    Use widget carousel
    Slider Shortcuts
    Static Lockscreen shortcuts
    Lockscreen button actions
    LCD Density
    Scroll elasticity options
    Default App grip option
    Custom Carrier label
    Dual Pane options
    Customizable boot animation (off, default, set your own bootanimation)
    Custom original BeanStalk Wallpapers by skyliner33v
    Custom BeanStalk bootanimation by skyliner33v
    Status bar color and transparency
    Clock and date options which includes color, location, style
    Signal Styles which include color and text instead of icons, alternate GB signal layout, hide signal icons
    Breathing SMS option
    Battery styles – Includes specific colors and styles. Also includes battery bar
    Do not disturb option
    Show notification count
    Pie controls (need to have lockscreen background set to something other then default to work correctly (dont ask why) )
    Fully customizable navigation bar – Includes style, layout, color, nav rings, pretty much everything you can think of.
    Quick settings color settings, tiles per row, Quick pulldown, text color
    Notification shortcuts, behaviour, drawer style (customizable colors), toggle colors, longpress quicksettings icon to enable/disable toggles
    Keyboard and input method options which include disable full screen keyboard and auto rotate
    Kil app back button with customizable timeout values
    High end graphic effects option
    option to disable/enable vibrate on expand for notifications alerts
    Low battery warning customizable options
    Recents RAM bar fully customizable with color styles
    Clock widget for LockClock including extra options to fully customize every feature of the lockclock
    Build.prop MOD options to enable/disable tweaks as preferred
    Less frequent Notification sounds options
    CRT screen off/on options to specify how the animation shows
    Enable/disable wake up on charge option
    Superuser fully embedded into the build and accessed from settings menu
    CM Performance options and features
    About BeanStalk option with links to github source and facebook for beanstalk. Also links to my twitter and donate.
    insane amount of edits/tweaks/fixes to make this build absolutely fly
    option to use a fully themable MMS packages. You can access from mms – settings – theme settings
    Numerous other options hidding throughout the build

Please keep in mind some of the above features may not yet be fully ported into kitkat..

Thanks to ‘scott.hart.bti’, its almost all his code! (98%),
Thanks to CynogenMod for the device and kernel code,
Thanks to ‘patch_adams’ for the help, as well as ‘willl03’

Thanks to xda member patch_adams for his support

Current bugs:
* app sidebar causes back button to sometimes not work correctly. Will need to investigate.

feel free to report more issues!


Main Source



Download here


Gapps Core

Gapps from Paranoid, includes AOSP launcher with voice detection(recommended!)

1. Wipe data/cache using philz recovery
2. wipe system
3. flash rom
4. flash gapps




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