You want to know why i smile,

You want to know why i smile,
He’s the reason why,
Because his love goes for miles,

when his hand touches mine,
everything goes blank in my mind,
when he glazes into my eyes,
i smile, knowing he is my guy,

when he runs to me calling my name,
i smile knowing, he doesn’t play games,
when i feel arms slide around me,
i know they are his,
Because hes the only one with the keys,
the keys to my used heart,
i trust him with it,

He doesn’t fight or argue,
instead, he supports my every move,
when he smiles in my direction,
i see his love and affections,

when I’m upset or sad,
he says the cutest things to make sure I’m not mad,
he swept me off my feet,
by being all nice and sweet,

the way he cares for me,
makes me weak in the knees,
he says he doesn’t deserve me,
but with out him i wouldn’t be complete,

you’re the reason why i smile,
and if you haven’t figured it out,
you will never see me pout,
with your unconditional love and warming charm,
ill stay right here in your arms. :)) ♥ ♥


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