Happy Valentine Day

I look up to the night sky
as I watch the moon rise
Waiting, and hoping, and wishing for you
Stars shooting by, right past my eyes
and I can’t help thinking of you

Needing you like a child to its mother
Needing only your love and not any other
Needing you with me all through the night
Needing your comfort to make things alright
Needing you to wipe away my tears
Needing you to hold me, and take away my fears
Needing you to always be there for me
Needing your love to know that you care for me…

You are my life and my reason to live
You share your love, so willing to give
You are romantic, and pure
I couldn’t ask for more

Though our opposites may attract one another
We have our times of negativity
Just like any other
Even through our times of negativity
I want you to know, I still need you here
with me…

Needing you in my life throughout good times and the bad
All the times to be shared happy and sad
We both are so strong and our love will live on building and growing after time

:: Happy Valentine ::


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